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We provide a full range of dental services

We provide a full range of dental services that will help you achieve optimal oral health, enhance your smile and rebuild your confidence. Our clinical procedures range from general family dentistry to total cosmetic smile makeovers.

Whether you’re in need of simple cleaning, teeth whitening or regular dental checkups, or if you need Veneers, implants or a root canal, Parkway Dentistry and the expertise of Dr. Pio Modi and his team, are the Choice Dental Office in Brantford Ontario.

We’ll make you feel and look your best again, and show you how to keep your teeth and your overall health in great condition, and all within budget! Read through the links below for an overview of each of the dental procedures we provide, to gain a better understanding of the services we offer.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Explore procedures including dental implants, Veneers, bridges, crowns and teeth whitening to improve the appearance of your smile.

Mouth Rehabilitation

We provide full-mouth dental rehabilitation, reconstruction and restoration services that restore your decayed, damaged, or missing teeth.

Veneers Dentistry

We apply dental veneers to your teeth to improve the appearance of your smile by fixing chips, filling in gaps and correcting their colour.

Crowns Dentistry

We use dental crowns to restore the proper shape, strength and function of your teeth and enamel, and to protect them from future damage.

Bonding Dentistry

Our bonding dentistry include repairing and restoring chipped, discoloured, or crooked teeth, and improving the appearance of your smile.

Dental Bridges

If you’re looking for a bridges dentist to replace your missing teeth or fix cracked teeth, you’ve come to the right place.

Teeth Whitening

We provide professional teeth whitening services in Brantford using the Spa Dent teeth whitening program for long lasting results.

Teeth Cleaning

We provide routine teeth cleaning services including plaque removal, inspect for cavities, and examine the health of your gums.

Dental Implants

We provide dental implants to replace missing teeth for our patients which are comfortable and natural looking.

Dental Dentures

We apply full and partial dentures to our patients, and provide denture adjustments, repairs and realignment services that build confidence.

Oral Laser Treatments

We provide oral laser treatments which are procedures that target bacteria associated with periodontal disease and many other systemic diseases.

TMJ/TMD Treatment

We provides comprehensive TMJ treatments and rehabilitation for those suffering jaw and neck problems caused by TMJ and TMD joint disorders.

Wisdom Teeth

We provide painless wisdom teeth removal, and we repair or extract impacted wisdom teeth based on your individual needs.

Scaling and Root Planing

We provide Scaling and root planing for the removal of difficult plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth, and under your gums and exposed roots, and to treat gum disease.

Root Canal Treatment

We provide clinical root canal treatments and endodontic therapy with the goal is saving our patients’ teeth after severe damaged and decay.

IV Sedation

We administer sedation medication, intravenous IV and nitrous oxide to help remove the anxiety of our dental patients.

Gum Disease Treatment

We provide our patients with a comprehensive and preventative treatment plan for gum disease infection utilizing the OraVital® System.

Bad Breath Treatment

We provide effective clinical halitosis treatments and remedies, for adults and children dealing with chronic bad breath problems.

Pediatric Dentistry

We provide very caring pediatric dental care for children in Brantford and first dental checkups for babies and toddlers.

Composite Fillings

We use high-quality composite-resin fillings to treat cavities and dental carries, and to match the natural colour of your current teeth.

Dental Exams and Cleanings

We provide oral examinations, digital X-rays, dental checkups and teeth cleanings for all new patients.

Regular Dental Checkups

We provide our patients with comprehensive dental exams, regular checkups and oral screenings and help maintain your oral health.

Digital X-rays

We use a dental X-ray system called 3Shape which is radiation free, and designed to create digital impressions and moulds of your teeth.

Emergency Dental Care

Patients needing emergency dental care can call our dental office to see a dentist as quickly as possible.

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