Billing & Payment Policies

We provide dental billing through the PayBright dental financing payment plans. Below is information about our billing and payment policies. Read the information carefully so that you understand our policies and the payment options available to you. If you have any questions, call us right away so we can answer them.

Payment Policy

PayBright Dental FinancingYou are responsible for paying your patient balance on the day of the procedure. We kindly ask that our patients make payment in full on the day of service. We accept Visa, Master Card, debit, cash, and personal cheques with valid forms of identification.

For extensive treatment plans we provide several financial options and we are happy to refer you to our Treatment Coordinator to discuss your options.

Non-Assignment Policy

Parkway Dentistry switched to a non-assignment policy at the beginning of 2018. We will continue to submit claims by mail and/or electronically if your insurer allows us to submit your claim and pre-treatment plans electronically. We will make every attempt to ensure your claim is properly submitted, so you can be reimbursed promptly. And we also will continue to send predeterminations for major dental work that is deemed necessary but note that not all treatments are fully reimbursable so if your treatment is only partially covered, you will have to ensure you’re able to share in the cost of the procedure.

Dental plan designs are becoming more complicated and predicting reimbursement levels has become increasingly difficult. Currently there are more than 30,000 dental plan contracts in Ontario and each plan is slightly different from the next. A person may change their plan up to as many as five times throughout their career, and most plans have limitations that include the following:

  • Annual deductible amounts
  • Frequency limitations of visits and procedures
  • Annual dollar maximums
  • Percentage of fees covered
  • Fixed fee guide (we charge current year fees, your plan may be fixed in the year it was ratified)

Having dental coverage can be a great benefit to you and your family but your dental plan is a contract between you, your employer, and the company providing the benefits. Dental plans are indeed designed to assist patients to pay for their dental treatment, however not all treatments are eligible or fully reimbursable. This means it is important to understand that necessary treatment and covered expenses are not the same thing, and that as a patient, the payment for treatment fees is solely your responsibility.

For more information on our payment policies, simply call us at 519-720-9119 and we will be happy to help you.

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