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Welcome to the Parkway Dentistry blog where you’ll find a compilation of relevant articles and other important content related to dentistry, the dental industry, dental FAQs, your overall general health, and local events Parkway Dentistry is involved in. We’ll be updating our blog frequently so make sure to visit occasionally to stay updated with our posts.

Maintaining your oral health substantially contributes to the health of the rest of your body, so we hope this section of our website becomes a valuable resource to you and helps keep you updated with very important health and oral health issues that are affecting all of us today.

Why A Healthy Mouth Equals A Healthier Heart

In February of every year we’re reminded that our heart deserves our special attention, and now, with heart disease being the leading cause of death in Canada there’s no better time to talk about the health of your mouth and it’s connection to the health of your heart. This highly preventable disease is not only […]

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Halitosis – The Bad Breath Issue We Need To Talk About

Are you worried about bad breath? Do you have a persistent bad taste in your mouth? Does it feel like other people might be avoiding you when you speak? We all have bad breath every now and then, especially if we eat certain foods, but sometimes bad breath can be a problem that requires special […]

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