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Dental Crowns Dentistry With Dr. Pio Modi

Crowns dentistryIf you’re looking for a dentist who will restore the shape and function of your teeth through dental crowns, you’ve come to the right place. If one or more of your teeth are chipped or damaged, Dr. Pio Modi will restore the shape, strength and function of your teeth and protect them from future damage.

How Do Crowns Work?

A crown is a covering that sits over the top of the tooth, creating a hard surface to protect, cover, seal, and strengthen it. They’re made from a very strong porcelain material that is able to withstand the day to day forces that occur from tooth to tooth contact and other chewing accidents that may occur. They’re able to withstand potential damage to a much higher degree than regular fillings can.

Dr. Pio Modi utilizes crowns dentistry in many different scenarios, because they’re  effective in helping protect teeth for a lifetime.

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

The following are various situations where a crown may be the solution include:

  • Teeth with large, broken-down fillings: larger fillings that have broken down, are substantially deteriorated or have formed decay around them can highly benefit from a crown to save the tooth
  • Cracked tooth: a cracked tooth can benefit from a crown holding it together. Be careful not to wait too long as an untreated cracked tooth can become sensitive and/or eventually break.
  • Receding gums: teeth that are very sensitive, either from a lot of “wear” or from receded gums, require crowns to seal and protect them from hot and cold sensitivity
  • Root Canal Treated Tooth: a majority of the time, a tooth that has undergone a root canal treatment will need a crown to properly seal and protect it. These teeth are more brittle, as all the hydration from within the tooth has been taken away. In this case, the crown offers the right amount of protection that the tooth needs

Watch Our Video About Crowns To Learn More

A crown may be the solution to saving your tooth and avoiding removing it. One of our Brantford dentists here at Parkway Dentistry will evaluate your needs depending on your oral health and the condition of your teeth. Watch our video about crowns to learn more.

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