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Spadent teeth whitening solutionSpa-Dent is a 15 minute professional teeth whitening system that is safe, effective and virtually pain-free. This whitening system will make your teeth 2 – 8 shades whiter in a fraction of the time and cost of other in-office whitening and dental systems or take home trays.

The Whitening Process

Spa-Dent uses a state-of-the art, blue LED light that activates a high quality whitening gel, to achieve a long lasting result. The countdown display on the light will tell you exactly how much time remains to complete the procedure. After completing the Spa-Dent whitening procedure it is recommended that you do not eat or drink for at least 30 minutes and avoid foods and drinks that would cause staining for 24 hours.

For best results we recommend at least 2-4 sessions to achieve the desired whitening result. After the initial sessions, it is typical to come back for a touch up session after 6 months to a year, or as needed depending on the frequency of your staining habits (e.g drinking red wine, coffee, smoking, etc.).

The Spa-Dent Advantage

Faster and less expensive: A fraction of the time and cost of other in-office whitening dental systems or take home trays.

Spa-Dent has combined naturally formulated ingredients to create a whitening system perfect for today’s healthy lifestyle.

Virtually no sensitivity: Unlike most other whitening systems, the Spa-Dent Whitening System is PH neutral, making it the perfect whitening system for patients with sensitive teeth.

The Spa-Dent whitening system removes stains and helps restore teeth to their natural colour. Safe for Crowns, Caps and Veneers.

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