Full Mouth Rehabilitation Dentistry With Dr. Pio Modi

We provide full-mouth dental rehabilitation, reconstruction and restoration services that restore your decayed, damaged, or missing teeth. Dr. Pio Modi of Parkway Dentistry in Brantford will provide you with the best rehabilitation treatment options available that will tackle your oral problems head on, and rejuvenate your smile again.

What Is Mouth Rehabilitation and Reconstruction For?

Complete mouth rehabilitation exampleMany cases that we provide treatments for our patients that have multiple oral problems and areas of breakdown within their mouth that are happening at the same time.

This includes missing teeth, teeth that are weak from being heavily restored, gum disease issues, or from having a root canal┬ádone in the past – we frequently see teeth that are wearing, chipping down and smiles that are unaesthetic and have been severely neglected.

If this is happening to your mouth we understand your concern, and we want to help you turn things around by providing you with a full mouth rehabilitation dentistry where we’ll be able to provide you with an array of treatment options that restore the health of your mouth and rejuvenate your smile once again.

But in order to accurately figure out how to solve these issues, we first need to study how things are breaking down inside of your mouth and put together a profile which will tell us where problems are rooted in and what actions we can take to stop them.

Before & After Mouth Rehabilitation Examples

Here are two before and after examples of a full mouth rehabilitation treatment:

Before after TMJ rehabilitation treatment example

Before after mouth rehabilitation treatment example

Developing Your Dental Profile

There are several stages to developing your dental profile, and they include generating digital impressions of your teeth, getting precise and accurate jaw records with your jaw joints positioned in the healthy seated joint position; a series of specific photos will be required, and an updated periodontal examination including any previous or current x-rays may need to be taken.

Thereafter, 3-D printed models are created from the digital impressions, and then mounted using the records taken onto an articulator (bite machine). This allows us to study how your teeth fit together and contact in all jaw movements.

Using The Data To Determine The Best Treatment Options

Example of using the Dawson Diagnostic WizardUsing data we’ve obtained and the photos taken, we will plug this information into analysis software called the Dawson Diagnostic Wizard which is an advanced digital diagnosis and treatment planning tool.

Using this software along with your set of mounted models allows us to develop a more specific and customized treatment plan for optimally restoring your smile and teeth and how to optimize your overall jaw function.

Potential Treatment Options

Your treatment options may include dental implants to replace missing teeth, crowns for heavily restored and weakened teeth or cosmetic veneers to facilitate restoring your beautiful smile.

Blueprints with specific measurements and designed contours for your teeth are created and relayed to a dental laboratory where they in turn will use these blueprints to make a diagnostic wax impression of your teeth on the set of mounted models.

This wax-up will be used throughout your treatment as a template to help develop temporary restorations to match.

Temporary Restoration Prototypes

Full restoration exampleThese temporary restorations are the prototypes that we are testing to make sure your smile, speech and bite are in optimal condition. Once we all have approved these restorations, digital impressions will be taken of them and the dental lab will use them as a template for making the final porcelain restorations.

When the porcelain restorations are permanently cemented, your bite will be balanced and put in harmony with how your jaw wants to work.

Discussing Your Options

Before we proceed with any treatment it is important that we discuss with you the findings of our analysis and that you have understood what treatment options would benefit you the most.

You will be in charge of deciding which treatment options you wish to proceed with in relation to your personal timeline and budget, and when you want the treatment to be done.

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